The Wampanoag Paddlers are now in our 44th year!


The club was formed in 1970, with the first trip led in 1971. We are dedicated to family canoeing & kayaking, therefore, most of the trips are on flat-water. The club runs 25 or more trips a year, with day trips mostly in South Eastern New England and paddling/camping trips all over New England. There are two evening pot luck supper meetings over the winter.

For new visitors to understand what the Wampanoag Paddlers club is all about, listen to an interview with the former club president and Captain Lou, from Nautical Talk Radio 95.9 WATD-FM.

Membership info

Dues are an incredible $10.00 per family (not a typo, TEN dollars!) for the year. For $10.00 you get  someone to paddle with most weekends. How do we do this, you ask? No one gets paid! Trip leaders and officers are all volunteers (officers are abducted from the general membership and enslaved for 2 years). Your dues cover the printing costs of the schedule, rental of the fall/winter meeting space.

Most of our trips are on weekends but as the membership includes some graying folks, as well as young and useful members of society, we are beginning to have some weekday trips as well. We are an eclectic but pretty easy to get along with group and welcome all.

Communications Central for the club is:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Wampypaddlers/

On Face Book search for Wampanoag Paddlers 


All Dues paid members are encouraged to join this group to receive the latest club information updates by email, and to participate in all the site features.

From the Club By-laws:

"The purpose of this organization shall be to maintain an association of persons interested in canoeing/kayaking; to focus public attention on canoeing/kayaking; to do all in its power to make canoeing/kayaking safe sports; to form a closer alliance with people and nature; to promote a greater appreciation of health and freedom; to lend support to the Clean Rivers Act where needed; and to lend legislative support to our rivers."


Need more info?

Want to suggest a river for the next schedule?

Can’t get through to a trip leader?

Then call or e-mail any one of our club officers.

Club Officers

President:                        Dave Beck                              617-365-3531      maaogis@yahoo.com
Vice President:                Paul Stankus                          508-385-3722       psstankus@gmail.com

Secretary:                       Christine Zaremba                   781-544-3122       CTzaremba@gmail.com
Treasurer:                        Margaret Estano                     781-848-8686       memeestano@beld.net

Webmaster                      Dave Beck                              617-365-3531      maaogis@yahoo.com



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