Backpacking for the River Trip

When going on a trip down the river, many people find they need to carry some supplies, be it a spare bottle of water for a short trip across town or a sizable number of supplies for a long trip into the unforgiving wilderness. For wilderness expeditions in particular, many people prefer to employ outdoor backpacks to carry their gear during the journey. Whether it’s food, a sleeping bag or an entire tent, an outdoor backpack can be essential for any trip to the wilderness, be it an arid desert or a misty woodland. And, while planning ahead is the safest way to do such trips, a good backpack can go a long way towards making these journeys safer and more comfortable over all.

Outdoor backpacks are generally those backpacks intended to survive regular exposure to outdoor conditions ranging from torrential rain storms to biting sand storms and still hold together long enough to return to civilization. These backpacks likely should not be skimped out when getting travel supplies; the cheapest backpacks, like all other traveling packs, tend to fall apart pretty quick if they’re of low enough quality. While the most costly backpacks are not always the top of the line, most durable products, getting the cheapest one available is generally little more than a recipe for disaster on your trip, whether it’s a trip across civilization or deep into the untamed wilds.

Hiking backpacks are those intended for hiking. Constructed specifically to remain relatively comfortable on long hikes through rough terrain, hiking backpacks are well loved by hikers, campers and field researchers of all stripes. Others have found that these backpacks are also quite useful when traveling through civilization and urban environments, as their sturdy construction and sizable pockets make them just as useful for hauling books to and from the library as they are for carrying vitally needed supplies out into the wild lands of any nation. Still, they find their most use is in trips to the wilderness, where they can take a beating and hold together until the end of the journey. Getting a good backpack of this type is an investment in your capacity to travel and carry what you need on your trip. Alternatively you can get a good hiking daypack, for those trips out during the course of one day.

Hunting backpacks run in a similar vein, being intended for hunters. While these backpacks are somewhat specialized for hunting expeditions, many hunters swear by them. Specifically constructed with hunting in mind, the best hunting backpacks are built to conveniently carry the things hunters in specific need, such as ammunition, lure, survival tools and various chemicals that make hunting easier and safer. Some bags are even built to accommodate traps for those hunters who use traps in their hunts, though these backpacks are somewhat uncommon.

However, outdoor backpacks are useful not only in wilderness adventures, but also in long distance travel. A good backpack is priceless for carrying equipment on a long trip through any means, be it a cross country road trip or the ever more complicated plane trip. A good durable backpack can make any of these journeys more bearable fo the traveler.

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